Structure of Association

The organ of the association includes The Executive Council, the Board of Trustees and Standing Committees.


Femi Adelusi

Meet Femi Adelusi.

Femi is the CEO/MD of BrandEye Media. He is also the President of MIPAN. Femi’s Leadership mantra is; to inspire meaningful connection, build confidence and integrity among his team.

Dozie Okafor

Dozie is the Managing Director of PHD Nigeria. He is also the Vice President of MIPAN. Dozie is highly team spirited. He strongly believes in the power of team work and empathy, which are essential to achieving business goals. He loves reading and playing football

Samson Oyebamire

Meet Samson Oyebamire.

Samson popularly called “samoye” is the financial controller at Intencil Media. He is the current financial secretary for MIPAN. Samson loves watching and talking about football. He is also very fond of playing with numbers.

Eki Aduzufeh

Meet Eki Aduzufeh.

Eki is the Chief Executive officer of Alphabet Media. He has been the executive secretary of MIPAN from 2014 to date. He is a senior Media practitioner with over 30yrs experience in media advertising. Eki enjoys jogging, swimming, reading, and mentoring young people

Henry Ononiwu

Meet Henry Ononiwu.

Henry is the Head of New Business, Projects and Partnerships at PHD Media. As part of the new excos, he serves as Publicity Secretary for MIPAN. Excellence is his watchword and occasionally mentors young people. He relaxes by watching movies and listening to music.

Yetunde Adegbite

Meet Yetunde Adegbite.

Yetunde Also known as YT is the MD of Posterscope Limited, a member of Media Fuse Dentsu Aegis Media Network group. She is the assistant executive secretary for MIPAN . Yetunde loves traveling dancing, reading, swimming and finds great delight in cooking.

Akam Ekpo

Meet Akam Ekpo Enoch.

Akam often called KamKam is the Head Buying and Investment at Starcom Media. Akam. She is the Assistant Publicity Secretary for MIPAN. Akam enjoys traveling, cooking and learning new things.



Mr Jonadab Egbowon – Chairman

Mr Austin Efienamokwu – Member

Mr Kola Odusanya – Member

Mr Uwem Afanide – Member

Mr Stephen Onaivi – Member


Mrs Brenda Nwagu – Chairperson

Mr Jonadab Egbowon – Member

Mr Igwe Okeke – Member

Mr Austin Efienamokwu – Member

Mr Eki Adzufeh – Member


Oba Ayo Kupoluyi – Chairman

Mr Seyi Iwayemi – Member

Mr Soji Olaogun – Member

Mrs. Mariam Kuku – Member

Yinka Adebayo – Member


Mr Dozie Okafor – Chairman

Mr Yinka Johnson – Member

Mr Kunle Adebayo – Member

Mrs Jayne Okonkwo – Member

Mr. Akeem Aweroro – Member


Mr. Jude Odia – Chairman

Ms. Jayne Okonkwo – Member

Mrs. Brenda Nwagu – Member

Mr. Jonadab Egbowon – Member

Mr. Igwe Okeke – Member

Mr. Yinka Adebayo – Member


Mr. Henry Ononiwu – Chairman

Member each from all of our agencies

Technical Committee

Term of reference of the committee is to:

  • Ensure the availability of an acceptable, affordable and up to date Scientific world class Planning tool(s) in the industry
  • Ensure the availability a credible and affordable Audience Measurement system(s) that is world class
  • Birth the best possible way of funding the AMS by the Advertising industry stakeholders
  • Liaise with Media Planning Services to constantly deliver good and credible Nigerian All Media and Products Survey (NAMPS) by constantly monitoring the review of the questionnaires if need be and monitor the field works
  • In terms of structure, MTC recognises that there should be collaboration with relevant stakeholders like MPS, Research organisations, suppliers of planning tools and APCON
  • To make the most of this opportunity, there needs to be a good working relationship with other MIPAN Standing Committees 

Education Committee

Term of reference of the committee is to:

  • Develop and manage training programmes for our various stakeholders that will help keep us all ahead of the game
  • Run each agreed Training Program profitably to MIPAN
  • In terms of structure, we MEC recognises that we should have sessions planned for MIPAN’s 3 key stakeholders thus: 
  • MIPAN and AAAN Members – technical training on tools and best practices, once a year
  • ADVAN and MIPAN senior executives – fiscal policies and implications for the media business, once a year
  • Media Owners – understanding the dynamics of the media business, once a year
  • To enable us make the most of this opportunity, we should work in tandem with the education committees of the associations of our stakeholders such as BON, AAAN and regulators such as APCON

Accreditation Committee

Term of reference of the committee is to:

  • Set out a good and standard Criteria and evaluation to be met by potential MIPAN members
  • Receive applications and subsequent visit to potential MIPAN members to be evaluated for admission if qualified
  • Review from time to time the criteria for admission into MIPAN
  • Visit to MIPAN agencies from time to time to ensure they are keeping to the required standards as expected of MIPAN members
  • Give report to the Executive Council after every accreditation visit.

Media Liaison and Disciplinary Committee

Term of reference of the committee is to:

  • Ensure a good and sustainable working and business relationship with all media houses/Partners 
  • Ensure a good Media Rates regime and negotiation from time to time for the benefit of all MIPAN members 
  • Receive complains from Media Partners against MIPAN members and fro MIPAN members against MPs, investigate and mediate appropriately for the benefit of all parties 
  • Apply sanctions to erring MIPAN members who are found to be involved in professional misconducts.
  • Fashion out from time to time and present to the Executive Council for approval, the benefits that are accruable to agencies that are MIPAN members.

Patrons’ Day Committee

Term of reference of the committee is to:

  • Ensure a good Planning and execution of the yearly events where all MIPAN agencies staff members will come together with client contacts and Media Partners to relax and have fun on a public holiday in the year
  • The activities of the day would include games, entertainment with Music/Comedians and other activities that can funny and memorable
  • Get sponsors both from Media Partners, Clients and other stakeholders to ensure the event is hosted profitably
  • Ensure every MIPAN agency is represented on the committee
  • Give report to the Executive Council after the event.


Regional Managing Director, mediaReach OMD

CEO Insight Redefini Group/Troyka Holdings

Founder/CEO Media Fuse Dentsu HoldCo Limited

Managing Consultant, Ashmaukups Limited

list of Patrons/ Trustees

Dr Biodun Shobanjo 
Mr George Thorpe
Mr. Ayo Oluwatosin
Alhaji Garba Bello Kankarofi
Mrs Iquo Ukoh