Associate Member Category (For Individuals Only)

MIPAN has approved the creation of a new category for individuals effective January 1st 2021. The primary goal for this category is for MIPAN to offer support, encourage and engage with professional media practitioners that are still active within the industry. We therefore created the new membership category called ASSOCIATE MEMBER. While MIPAN as an association which only welcome qualified corporate organizations into MIPAN, the new ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY will be open to INDIVIDUALS who meet the following criteria. 

  • The individual must have worked at minimum Director/GM/MD level at a MIPAN agency
  • This associate category is for a maximum 3years period and non-renewable. 
  • If running a media agency, the media company/business must upgrade to the Full Membership Category within 3 years
  • Must abide with the principles and philosophy of the MIPAN as called out in the constitution.
  • Will attend MIPAN meetings and pay an annual subscription for membership.